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Paragon's Junior Program is designed to unlock your child's love for soccer while instilling age-appropriate skills, values, and techniques. Our tailored coaching approach focuses on the cognitive and physical development of each child, ensuring that they gain confidence and achieve various soccer-specific milestones.


​Our curriculum and playing methodology takes a learner-centered approach, highly emphasizing the importance of an active and positive mindset towards growth. Our program offers a healthy balance of training sessions (two per week) and competition opportunities across leagues and tournaments.

The Junior Program is structured according to age groups, ranging from U5 to U9. Each age group's training methodology is strategically crafted to ensure that they achieve essential skills for their age group, resulting in significant mastery of various soccer-specific skills.

Our pool-based roster approach, whereby each team comprises a parent coach and a professional technical trainer, is unique to the junior program. With this approach, we enhance the quality of coaching while allowing parents to take an active role in their child's soccer development.

At Paragon's Junior Program, we prioritize the mental and personal development of the children, accentuating their emotional intelligence and instilling values and principles that go beyond the soccer pitch. We believe that setting a strong foundation is necessary to flourish not only in the Premier, Academy, and Elite programs but also in life.

PFA Juniors is a fantastic program aimed at helping players enjoy and improve their skills in soccer, without the intense focus on travel or high-level competition. It's an opportunity for participants to have fun while learning the sport and developing life skills, like fostering a lifelong love of the game.

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