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  • Players with a desire to impose themselves within the game and the Style of Play

  • Players that are students of the game

  • Players with the ability to recognize and adapt tactically within the game

  • Players that are intrinsically motivated to take ownership of their own development with a Growth Mindset to see challenges as opportunities to improve

Acceptance of membership by PARAGON FUTBOL ACADEMY (PFA) is a privilege that carries with it certain responsibilities.

Players and parents are expected to engage in the highest standards of conduct at all “Club-Related Events” (which includes all practices, games, and team travel). By joining the Club, players and parents agree to the following

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  • The player agrees to refrain from using profanity during games or practices.

  • The player agrees to show respect toward referees, opposing players, coaches, and fans.

  • The player agrees not to harass, abuse, or berate a referee for any reason.

  • The player agrees to attend, be on time, and be prepared for all training and games unless excused by the Coach.

  • The player agrees to bring cleats, running shoes, shin guards, water, and a usable soccer ball to practice.

  • The player agrees to show respect for all coaches and adhere to all instructions.

  • The player agrees to play within the spirit and laws of the game.

  • The player agrees to show the highest standard of sportsmanship.

  • Players agree to wear the approved club uniform during practices and games.


The following behaviors by players or parents will not be tolerated and may be grounds for suspension or dismissal of the player from the Club:

  • Repeated failure to meet any of the above-listed responsibilities after having been reminded by a coach or Program Director to do so.

  • Any use or possession of an illegal substance at a Club-Related Event.

  • Any engagement in an illegal activity at a Club-Related Event.

  • Any attempt to purposefully injure, abuse, or haze someone at a Club-Related Event.

In the event a player or parent engages in any of the above-listed behaviors, the Program Director will determine the appropriate disciplinary action.  All decisions to suspend or dismiss a player from the Club for any of the above behaviors will be made in consultation with the Board of Directors and will be final.

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