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We know that our communities are suffering from systemic racism and racial inequities. Please know that our club believes that there is zero place for racism, hate, and violence in our country and in our world and that certainly includes youth soccer in every community.

Paragon stands in solidarity with everyone actively working towards change and reform in the areas of systemic racism and injustice. We have been listening and learning. This is an ongoing process and we are committed to educating ourselves and our community.

Through Paragon’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (D.E.I.) initiative. The Organization has established the following as immediate action items.

  • Mandatory staff education on anti-racism awareness

  • An anonymous reporting system for instances of racism, observed or experienced

  • Establish a leadership group to collaborate on a further action plan for change

  • Establish criteria for the PFA Scholarship application program.

  • increased diversity within our organization with a commitment to supporting increased enrollment of minority athletes.

  • Identify minority coaching candidates to provide employment & internship opportunities.

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